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I’ve just finished up another round of great talking head videos for one of my favorite corporate clients, The Everett Clinic!  They are fun to work with and one of the best parts of these projects is the challenging nature of the shoots.  We are in a different place every time and often it is a (small) conference room.  Depending on the situation, I may light the existing background so it looks cool, or I might set up a backdrop.  In this case I opted to try for the ‘white infinity’ look as seen in Apple’s product videos.  I was able to pull it off quite nicely using only a white cotton backdrop and four light fixtures.  The trick was correctly balancing the exposure of the background with the exposure of the subject.  The Kino-Flo key on the subject ended up running on only two banks, dimmed down.  There was no complaints from the doctors!  It was very easy on the eyes.