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John Kelly of Pro One Media in Scottsdale Arizona reached out to hire me for a high-level corporate shoot happening in my hometown of Everett Washington. He was sending in his shooter/editor Jon Carson, but he needed the additional lighting and expertise to make the scene look great!

I agreed to grip for the shoot, and set about assembling the proper gear, which included my Kino Flo Diva 400’s, a couple of Fiilex P360’s, and a Fiilex Q500 Fresnel. Jon also requested a tripod so he wouldn’t have to fly with his. My Cartoni sticks with the Focus HD head would hold his Canon C200 with ease. As an afterthought, I loaded up my boompole and an Audix SCX-One super-cardioid.

The shoot happened in a large conference room, dominated by a massive table. The table wasn’t going anywhere, so we worked around it. It was nice to have a lot of depth to work with, which makes it easier to throw the background out of focus. A razor sharp subject with a soft, creamy bokeh behind is a lovely look.

The plan was a to hide a lav mic on the CEO, but we thought it wise to double mic him, so I set up the overhead boom and Jon dialed it in so it was just out of frame. Here is a behind-the-scenes look:

The shoot was a success! Jon headed back to Arizona to edit the
footage. I’m satisfied knowing that he went away with good
looking and great sounding video.

Lighting and audio; two essential factors that should never be

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