Flowmotion Media

specializes in creating:

-Tantalizing TV Commercials

-Pulse-Pounding Promotional Videos

-Compelling Corporate Communications

I'll do everything from brainstorming the concept, writing the script and shooting the content to editing & motion graphics.

Leave it to me, to make you look good!

Why have clients been coming to

Flowmotion Media

for over a decade?

Simply put:

"I provide superior storytelling, creativity, production value... and a few good laughs!"

-Jason Jenkins

Flowmotion Media Founder

Jason’s Bio:
Behind his unassuming, everyman exterior, lies a cranium crammed with creative communications acumen. Fifteen years of visual storytelling have honed his inborn talents
to a razor’s edge. With wit and wisdom, he wields a burnished blade of visionary video production prowess; slicing asunder the mundane and mediocre!